UFO+ protects your load from

The first and revoluctionary slam-lock

UFO+ is fastened on the vehicle body and it can be installed on both back and side doors. The vehicle doors are always secured and locked while a normal padlock cannot. A driver, making dozens of quick stops every day, doesn’t need to remove and replace a padlock at every single delivery. Moreover, UFO+ is equipped with an emergency system: in the event the driver remains accidentally closed in the load compartment, the stainless steel cable coupled with the latch enables its release and the door opening from inside.

Perfect solution for big fleets and couriers

UFO + is the automatic slam-lock system, perfect and practical for working in total security. UFO + remains fixed because it is not removable like a padlock but remains integrated with the door and closes automatically, without any risk of forgetting to open it.

Its ultra-resistant AISI 304 stainless steel shell is perfect for installation on all van models, guaranteeing the same performance on both the side and rear doors. The convenience and safety of the flat and reversible key and the possibility of managing systems under master key represent one of the main factors of success, witnessed by the largest fleets in Italy and Europe.

Technical features

  • Locking mechanism protected by stainless-steel, drill-resistant protective casing
  • 15-pin, multi-combination, reversible dimple key
  • Ultra-resistant stainless-steel outer casing
  • Easy to install thanks to its bayonet-mount system, making installation fast and effective
  • Assembly kit included


Standard cylinder

  • 8086H3122B – Single with 2 keys
  • 8086H3232B – 2 pcs’ kit with 3 keys
  • 8086H3332B – 3 pcs’ kit with 3 keys

experT pluS cylinder (dormakaba)

  • 8086KB3122B – Single with 2 keys
  • 8086KB3232B – 2 pcs’ kit with 3 keys
  • 8086KB3332B – 3 pcs’ kit with 3 keys

Versatile for multiples installations

Thanks to the special mounting plate design to fix it on box van trucks, Meroni offers a universal solution to install UFO+, protecting van box’s loading area, without changing the main features of UFO+ slam-lock solution.

The plates, made in stainless steel with same finishing as UFO+ lock’s body, maintain the same durability and resistance. The installation of BOX VAN kit, quick and easy thank to eight fixing points with M5 through screws. Both of the two brackets are supplied with special rubber gasket to protect the lock and the vehicle body from atmospheric agents.

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