Luccotto is the most alternative to padlocks

Hardened steel with high security lock cylinder

The high security cylinder with high tech caracteristics has been approved by the two main National French notified bodies: AFNOR and SRA, given to positive results from tests held in the CNPP technical laboratories.

Tubular key with radial pins

La chiave tubolare a spine radiali, con più di 250.000 combinazioni, garantisce l’alta sicurezza e l’unicità di ciascun Luccotto.

The LUCCOTTO is provided with a key having radial pins, with more than 250.000 combinations, granting high security and uniqueness of every single Luccotto



  • 3388NE1236I – One-lock, 36 mm stem, with 3 keys
  • 3388NE1236X2I – Two-locks kit, 36 mm stem, with 3 keys


  • 82881322X – One-lock, 36 mm stem, with 3 keys
  • 8289SET01 – Set of tapered axle box for LUCCOTTINO*

*Without hooking system

Also for special applications