UFO Classic

UFO Classic, the alternative to padlock

Perfectly integrated with the vehicle’s body

It features an elegant design that blends in well with the rest of the vehicle. UFO is guaranteed to be secure both for its shape and the materials used in its construction. Its spherical casing attaches perfectly to the vehicle’s body and leaves no room to slide in anything that could be used to pry the doors open. Plus the cylinder is drill-resistant and pick-proof and is CNPP and TÜV certified.

Global protection for every kind of vehicle

With the same key, you can open all the locks of the same vehicle. Available in single lock, set of 2 or 3 locks, it is proposed also in a set of 4 locks, including two couples of UFO for both of the rear and lateral door and opening with the same key, granting the same functionality of two-points locking systems, improving the prevention to intrusion from the upper part of rear o sliding lateral door.

  • Lock with drill-resistant, pick-proof security cylinder, TÜV e CNPP certified
  • Key with 250.000 combinations
  • Assembly kit with template, 2 assembly plates, seals and security tumblers
  • Available in packs of 2, 3 or 4 locks with identical locking mechanism for same van installation
  • Casing with ultra-resistant, case-hardened steel spheres
  • Matt nickel finish


  • 8080331215D – Single with 2 keys
  • 8080332315D – 2 pcs’ kit with 3 keys
  • 8080333315D – 3 pcs’ kit with 3 keys
  • 8080334315D – 4 pcs’ kit with 3 keys

Temporary, without-drilling solution

UFO Temporary is the solution which allow to install the security van lock UFO Classic without drilling vehicle’s body. Our kit, available for the main commercial vehicles, is composed by two fixing plates which use the already existing holes from the standard locking system of the door, without making permanent modifications on the vehicle.

UFO Temporary is the easy and practice solution for long-term rental, renforcing the security of load compartment, without any permanent hole. On request, it is possible to verify the availability of Temporary solution for any specific vehicle.

till April 3rd

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